November 6, 2010

27 years ago today...

my mother went to heaven. i miss her now more than ever. every year i miss her presence with more intensity. i'm sad that she never got to see me grow up to be the woman i am today. i'm sad that she never experienced the joy of being a grandmother to two amazing little boys. i'm sad that her life ended at 30 - too young. but mostly i'm sad that i can't look at her beautiful, smiling face and feel her arms around me. i miss having a mom.

mami, i will love you forever. these past 27 years seem so long...and not long enough. until we see each other again, te mando un beso y un abrazo...xoxo

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  1. ((((HUGS))) I know how that goes. I'm sorry you are missing her but I'm sure she's watching over you and your boys. It's okay to miss ... it's nice to remember!!


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