June 28, 2010

My Very First Award!

A big, huge, enormous, behemoth "THANK YOU" to Yenta Mary from Food Floozie for bestowing this award upon my very appreciative shoulders. I hope everyone takes a minute to stop by her blog because, well, I say so (and because it's one of the best I've ever come across).

There are a few "rules" that come with accepting this award:

Bow down and worship me (OK, so I inserted that one in there, you know, for fuuuuuuuuuun...;-)

Thank the blog that presented me with the award. Check.

Next, share (7) things about myself.

1.I've visited all of the 48 contiguous states (LOTS of road trips!)
2.I once gave serious thought to joining the CIA
3.I have a healthy obsession with most things vampire (except Twilight)
4.I love Coke (the soda, of course)
5.I've been to Disney World 30 times (that's during my adult life)
6.I celebrated the millennium in Paris at the foot of the Eiffel Tower
7.I'd leave my husband for Daniel Craig in a heartbeat (JK...No, I'm not...)

I now have the task of passing on this award to 15 other blogs who I've recently discovered and think are pretty fantastic. I have to cheat on this one because I'm picky! I'm only passing this award along to five blogs I feel are truly "versatile", but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the other blogs I read. You know I love ya too! In no particular order:

Take a Mom's Word For It
Stash Mama
A belle, a bean & a Chicago dog
Welcome Sunshine Home

Please visit these blogs if you have the chance to do so. They're each special for different reasons (hence, versatile), but every one of them is worth the read.


  1. Dania, you know I love ya! I think it's very, very cool -- and cute! -- that we've bestowed each other's first awards ... some sorta cosmic juju going on there. I'd toss some more your way, but I'm old and arthritic and bowing down to worship you would make it difficult to then get up ... :)

  2. Hola! I'm visiting over from Latina Bloggers- I just made the list!
    Congrats to you on your first award! I just got my first last weekend! lol @ Bow down...

    I'm a new follower! Looking forward to perusing around your virtual casa!

    Pura Vida,

  3. Well my goodness. I was reading along in this post and I came to the end to find that you recognized us. What?! I swear I did a double take because I certainly didn't expect that.

    Thanks so much for thinking of us! Now, I finally know what it feels like to be the kid that got picked first in gym class. :) It's so encouraging to know that there is somebody out there that likes what we're doing.

    We'll be paying this award forward to some of our new favorites very soon! It'll be so hard to choose...

    Thanks so much, Dania! :)


  4. Congrats, Dania. I decided to add to your trophy case, even though I'm relatively new around here, I'm really liking your blog. Giving you the Sunshine Award for bringing a smile to my face.



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