December 16, 2010

Trata Threads: Adorable (and cheeky!) Latin-Inspired Baby Bibs

I was recently contacted by Taina from Trata Threads regarding her baby bib store. I no longer have kids of bib-using age, but I visited her Etsy store because the concept behind her bibs intrigued me.

Taina brought up a very good point in her email:

As a Latina Mom I'm sure you've walked into BabiesRUs or Target and have seen all of the bibs and onesies celebrated Mommies and Daddies, Grandma's and Grandpas. If you're anything like me you searched through the loads of novelty bibs and wondered, what about Abuelita and Tio? What about Madrina and Padrino? I've spent tons of time scouring the internet for baby gifts for my primos that could represent the things that I wanted to say, the inside jokes we have, or just something with MY name on it. I'm a Titi and a Madrina and I just want my favorite babies to be able to celebrate the people in their lives the way other kids get to. That's when my hermana del alma and I decided that there was entirely too many exclusions in the baby apparel industry and create Trata Threads.

I will admit I've had the same thought myself on countless occasions. There are so many cute bibs with funny phrases or slogans out there, and trust me, latins have just as many, if not more! I'm so happy there are people out there like Taina and her best friend Tracy who realize there is an untapped market for latin-inspired baby gear.

I urge you to visit their website Trata Threads. You can follow the "shop" link to their Etsy shop and browse the absolutely adorable and fresh selection of baby bibs.


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