December 8, 2010

Input Request on My Etsy Shop Items

If you get the chance, I'd love if you could stop by Handmade Contessa. I have a preview of what I'm working on for my new Etsy shop, and would love to read your thoughts on my finished products before I list them.

Thanks :-)


  1. Oh, Dania, they're adorable! I love the ponytail holders, and would wear them myself -- what's nice is that you have the cute little ladybugs for kids, but the patterns/colors work well for adults who still want to have some fun ... :) Your Christmas tree is beautiful, too! I'm not into fancy and themed, but want precisely what you have -- a tree filled with family memories and love ....

  2. Thank you so much for the comment and taking the time to look at my stuff. So glad you liked them :-)


Por favor, throw this crazy Cuban mama a bone and comment on her stuff. Gracias :-)