November 17, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

So I've been secretly pouring over countless "What I Wore Wednesday" posts from around the web for MONTHS. The voyeur in me just loves to see what my fellow bloggers are wearing. As much as I wanted to join in the fun, I was terrified of showing others what I wear. Frankly, I think my wardrobe sucks. Mommyhood has severely impaired my personal fashion sense. How sad {:-( } But the crazy Cuban in me can't resist a challenge. So I'm linking up for the very first time with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for my inaugural What I Wore Wednesday post. I only have a couple of outfits to share because my camera is acting a bit wonky lately {which is why I'll be buying a nice, new dslr camera VERY soon!}

So here we go:

midnight blue tank with rosette appliqués - I.N.C., Macy's
gray cardigan sweater with rosette trim - Target
jeans - I.N.C., Macy's
brown closed-toe wedges, Target (on clearance for $12.99! So comfy!)
white daisy earrings, So Good
heart necklace, Simply Silver Boutique in Coral Gables (now defunct :-( )
white acrylic watch, Fossil

gray tank dress, Target
jeeans, I.N.C., Macy's
brown close-toe wedges, Target (did I mention how comfy they are?)
from up here necklace, Lisa Leonard Designs
pearl earrings, Macy's
white acrylic watch, Fossil
petal pusher, The Pleated Poppy
charcoal bow-accented headband, Forever 21


  1. Very cute outfits! Don't quit taking gets more fun each time you participate!!


  2. Yes motherhood can put crimp in fashion I agree! You look adorable, and just keep trying...easy for me to say, my boys are teens!

  3. Smile, pretty lady! I'm not a mommy but crazy work schedule has hurt my fashion, me thinks. I like your fashion, I'm a fan of simple accessories too :) With maybe one bold one occasionally as a statement.

  4. Welcome! You look great!

  5. Thank you for all the comments! You're all so sweet. I'll definitely be back for more next week!


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