June 4, 2010

" I've got a WHAT stuck in my WHERE?!?! "

There is no reason to make this a long post, folks. The fact is my poor 86 year old father-in-law swallowed a large piece of pork meat, managed to get it thoroughly lodged in his esophagus, and the three doctors that saw him over the course of four days completely missed it! Only a gastroenterologist, who actually uses that pink mass sitting between our ears, figured out my F-N-L had an obstruction and quickly removed the offensive and behemoth chunk of pig.

Note to any doctors reading this: If you ever get a Cuban patient who mentions he was eating cornmeal polenta with pork when he suddenly begins to spit up his food for no reason, stop to consider the possibility that your patient might have a piece of pork stuck in his esophagus. Don't tell said patient he probably has gastritis, esophageal paralysis or gallstones! Sometimes the problem is really as simple as a hungry Cuban who can't seem to slow down long enough to chew his food properly.

I'd love to post the photos taken during his EGD procedure, but they might scare you into never eating meat again. EVER.

And, of course, what did my father-in-law want to eat after the pesky pork chunk was removed?

P-O-R-K S-A-N-D-W-I-C-H... Ugh!

Damn Cubans and their inexplicable need to eat pork!!!

By the way, I'm cooking roasted pig tomorrow ;-)


  1. Glad he's ok. I made a delicious pork roast tonight.

  2. Ya know, my ex-husband is a doctor. And they're always looking for the rare case, the anomaly ... God forbid the obvious could slap them upside the head!

    Glad your father-in-law is doing better, and hasn't lost his appetite ... :)

  3. Hi, Hola Dania!!
    I found you in another site.
    Greetings from Puerto Rico
    We love to eat pork too! , lol!!



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