June 10, 2010

And They Say the Second One is Always Easier to Deal With.....

Yeah, right. They haven't met my "cookie" a.k.a. Benjamin Andres Padron - my second son. I could totally make this post about me and how, two year ago today, I gave birth to my Benjamin, and how his birth was so much more "enjoyable" than my first-born was (and I apologize for using the words "birth" and "enjoyable" in the same sentence), but I won't.

To all my friends and family who swore up and down that the second child is calmer and easier to deal with...you can all suck it. Evil people lulling me into a false sense of security when all the while I was actually carrying around the spawn of the devil! OK, so he's not quite Damien or anything like that, but he is a little devil. MY LITTLE DEVIL. He is beyond precocious, but he keeps me on my toes. If my first son made me a mother, my second is teaching me how to be one.

To him I say "Happy Birthday". I love you my "gordito" so very much and wish for you a lifetime of health and happiness.


  1. Happy Birthday to Benjamin! Eat lots of cake and ice cream for me ... :)

  2. Happy birthday to both of you! It's about time a mom blogger writes it like it is! ;)


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